Christ’s pray on the cross, (In desperation or in distress) (Psalm 22(21)
Confidence (Psalm 23)
Confident Prayer in distress (Psalm 30(31))
Confident Prayer in distress (Psalm 46)
Happy Man (Psalm 1)
Have Mercy on me Lord (Psalm 51)
Humble Thanksgiving (Psalm 8)
Humble Thanksgiving (Psalm 10)
Longing for the house of God
Longing for the house of god (Psalm 42)
Prayer for Protection and Forgiveness (Psalm 24)
Protection and Guidance, Trusting the Lord (Psalm 121)
Psalm 129(130)
Psalm 142(143)
Psalm 27
Repentance (Psalm 51)
Thanksgiving (Psalm 21)