Reflection 9 – God is our shield

Voiced by Amazon Polly

God is always giving us opportunities, to move forward in life. God wants you to grow, and reach your full potential. Anytime you take a step forward, the enemy will try to bring opposition, and adversity against you. But God promises that through Him, you can overcome any opposition the enemy brings your way. When you step out in faith, and the opposition comes, just keep standing strong, and doing what you know to do. Keep praying, keep believing, keep reading and speaking the Word. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, and going to church. Keep walking in love, and forgiveness, and keep your heart tender. When the enemy sees that you are more determined than he is, he’ll back down, and you will move forward to new levels of victory! Stay focused and full of joy, no matter what comes against you. As you do, you will overcome every opposition, and obstacle you face!

God, I know it is Your will that I grow strong in my faith. I want to reach my full potential. Help me to push through the doors of opportunity that You open for me, no matter what holds me back. Thank you for challenging me to live a life of victory! In Jesus’ name – Amen.